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Position Paper on Smart Grids: An ERGEG Conclusions Paper
EU Regulators Group for Electricity & Gas

The context for ERGEG’s consideration of smart grids is set by the key energy objectives of the European Union for the year 2020 – increasing renewable energy supply to 20% of total demand, reducing energy consumption by 20% with respect to 2020 forecasts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% with respect to 1990 levels – and the more ambitious objectives currently being developed for 2050. The most significant contribution that the electricity supply sector will make to reducing greenhouse gas emissions will be by replacing fossil-fired generation with low or zero carbon generation technologies. Nevertheless, the other key components of the supply chain, networks and the demand side, will also have vital roles to play. Smarter networks are expected to be a key facilitator in the transition to a low-carbon energy sector.

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